Item and Special Material Rules

The Basics of Wealth

The standard coins that are used are the silver coin and the gold coin. Both coins are the size of dimes making them light and easy to carry. Both coins are actually about half copper making silver coins technically billon and gold coins technically rose gold. Silver coins have a value of about $1. Gold coins have a value of about $10. They are largely standardized on Grimmen, due to the roughly homogeneous peoples and cultures, but this is not the case in all places. Due to these being the only coin types, there is no copper to keep track of; all prices are rounded up to at least 1 silver.

Generally as an adventurer you should expect to earn (payment + loot) 10gp times your level squared per person for a standard job, though some jobs pay only a flat reward, the most common among them being bounties. Sometimes this will be given in the form of items, while other times you will not receive a direct payment.

Players will now have a specific load of Starting Items, though additional items may be added based upon character story. Items from the starting items list may be upgraded or traded out by paying for the difference out of pocket.

New and Different Materials

Some new special materials have been introduced to this campaign. Many of them have been created by me specifically for this setting, while others have simply be adopted from 3rd Party Products. The following chart covers the important details of the new materials, such as their cost, hardness, and the DR that their weapon form can overcome. For more specific information about the materials, check further below.

Material DR Type Hardness HP/in. Requirements
Blood Metal None 10 30 ???
Null Crystal ??? ??? ??? ???
Primal <any> ??? ??? ??? ???

Blood Metal — Created by secret rituals known only to the Blood Knights, blood metal is steel that has the color of freshly spilled blood, and possesses several unique and deadly properties when used to make arms and armor. Weapons made out of blood metal gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls against any bleeding creature. In addition, if the wielder of a blood metal weapon critically strikes an enemy and does bonus damage, this bonus damage is instead treated as bleed damage requiring a DC 20 heal check to stop. Shields made of blood metal are always treated as having shield spikes, and may do either slashing or piercing damage. Armor made out of blood metal is treated as having armor spikes, though these spikes only appear when the user wills them to. In addition, if the wearer of blood metal armor is suffering from a bleed effect, they may attempt a heal check to stop the bleeding as a swift action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Armor and weapons made of blood metal are always of masterwork quality.

Entropic Alloy — WIP

Null Crystal — WIP

Primal Air — Cloudy white crystal of primordial air energy, Primal Air has several unique properties. A weapon made from Primal Air lightly vibrates and hums in the hands of its wielder, and seems to absorb air energy rather easily. Weapons made of Primal Air are immune to air damage and may safely touch electrically charged surfaces without harm, and the wielder of such a weapon also receives a +2 competence bonus on saving throws against air-based effects. The weapon also aids in dispelling air-effects, granting a +2 bonus on any check to remove or overcome such an effect.

Primal Darkness —

Primal Fire —

Primal Land —

Primal Light —

Primal Water —

New and Different Items

Multiple new items and ways of working with items have been introduced into this game. Rather than add them all to this one page, a feat that would be extremely difficult and time consuming, I will us this page to list the changes being made to specific 3’rd Party Items.

Item and Special Material Rules

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