Laying Waste -- A Guide to Critical Combat

Summary of Contents

Laying Waste — A Guide to Critical Combat introduces new mechanics that change the way critical hits are treated. Rather than simply adding extra damage, the alternate system found within this book causes critical hits to inflict interesting and debilitating conditions on enemies. That is not all there is to it, however. The book also lays down an alternate set of rules to explain called shots, provides a number of new feats, introduces new archetypes, and even has some new magical item properties. As the book is too comprehensive for me to possibly list every feature on this page, I will instead be listing system features that are being removed, as well as optional rules that are being followed.

Alternate and Optional Rules

We will be using both the critical hit and called shot rules within this campaign. We will also be using the optional rules for stacking bleed, though this will only apply to bleed inflicted by critical effects and the like; regular bleed effects still do not stack. Because this system has no special critical effects for elemental damage types, a critical strike with such a damage type will instead deal maximum damage, with the potential of dealing bonus damage (through severity checks). We will not be using any other alternate critical rules.

In addition to the rules mentioned above, the following Laying Waste feats are banned: Backstab, Blood Soaked, Desperate Gamble, Eldritch Retribution, Ironskin, Practiced Foe, Righteous Critical, Selective Scatter, Undying Fortitude, Unholy Critical, and Whirlwind of Blood. The remaining feats may be taken as usual.

Laying Waste -- A Guide to Critical Combat

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