Welcome to a world of nightmares and dreamscapes.

In Kosmaro, monsters and treachery lurk around every corner, and war constantly looms along the horizon. Alien taint slowly chips and tears at the very fabric of reality, corrupting everything that it touches. The age-old battle between good and evil has ended; such concepts are void in a world without gods to judge them. The rule is survival, and this is all that separates the worthy from the weak.

Yet even in such a world, all hope is not lost. Though the nightmares are forever imposing, there are those with dreams of grandeur. This is not only a story of darkness, hatred, and despair. This is also a story of friendship, bonds that transcend time, and heroes willing to stand up to a world that breeds contempt for all life.

Will these dreamers be able to stand against the corruption that seeps in their their world, or will they become tainted by it’s eldritch power? Will they become heroes, or villains, or perhaps something in between? Only time will tell.

Shadows with Tales to Tell - The Grim Islands

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