Shadows with Tales to Tell - The Grim Islands

Session 1

The Fall of The Dreg

The game begins with the party all traveling to the town of Entrana, coincidentally. None of them bother to speak to each other, and don’t even seem to notice one another until they come upon an uncomfortably familiar child in the middle of a dark road. Haurach approaches the child, to see if she’s alright, while Kaine doesn’t even seem to notice her. Ava seems quite content to watch from afar. When Haurach reaches the girl, she turns around and reveals that she’s faceless, standing in a pool of liquid darkness, just like all the children in their dreams. Kaine responds by activating his enhanced reflexes. The party has precious little time to get over this harrowing experience before a large Flesh Dreg comes out to greet them from the edge of the torchlight. Combat ensues and shenanigans take place. Kaine becomes a chew toy, Ava starts bombing the creature with dark spells, and Haurach uses a bit of his magic to try to gain the upper hand. Kaine struggles to get free, but doesn’t seem to have much luck. This is something Haurach believes he can help with…Unfortunately it had mixed results. Fate saw fit to free Kaine, but put Haurach in his place. Luckily Haurach is a much more proficient acrobat, and manages to free himself without too much trouble, back-flipping over the creature whilst the others continue to pummel it. Ava forces the creature to experience years of trauma in the span of seconds, almost causing it to double over, then when the creature attempts to feast on another person, it lands face first in the dirt. This gives Haurach ample opportunity to climb him and finally finish him off with chi infused punches to the eyes. Dreg brain and skull pieces fly everywhere, including onto Kaine and Haurach. After a quick autopsy and an even quicker conversation, the party decides to consciously stick together, now knowing what the others are capable of.

Finally at the edge of Entrana, the guards seem troubled by the arrival of the party at such a late hour. Apparently, there is a curfew in place (For good reason) and the inexperienced guard insists they can’t let us in, while badass McGee says to open the gate, and jumps down to meet us personally. At the edge of the torchlight, again, there is a huge number of perpetually hungry shadow creatures waiting to have a quick taste of us, but nothing comes of it.

Inside Entrana, the party, especially Haurach, insists upon finding a tavern and bathhouse. Once at the tavern, they meet a very chatty dwarven barkeep who gives them a quest to find her children, in a manner of speaking. She also reveals that her husband in the basement is one of the very rare instances of a person coming back from the dead, and the party is baffled to find he is still completely sapient. He doesn’t sleep and simply crafts wooden things all day. Turns out that he made the tavern by hand whilst he was still alive. The session ends around here because Drake was falling asleep.


Side Notes and Names:

The barkeep is Mildred, her husband is Thorun, and the party is derpy.

Session 1

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