Starting Items

Backpack with: Bedroll, Waterskin, Flint & Steel, Sack, Torches (x3), 50ft hemp rope, Winter Cloak, Whetstone, One set extra clothes.

Potion Belt (Can hold up to six potions for quick use)


250 gp of other gear (+150 per level), no more than 50 gp unspent.

Additional starting gear bonuses are dependent upon class and skill ranks invested:

Athletics: 1 rank grappling hook, 2 ranks replace hemp rope with silk rope.
Disable Device: Thieves Tools.
Perform: 1 non-masterwork instrument that you are proficient with per rank, only if you are proficient with an instrument.
Craft(Armaments): Get 50gp of weapons and armor for each rank, can start off with one masterwork item if total bonus is +5 or higher.
Craft(Alchemy): Start off with however many potions you can make.
Craft(Occult): If you have a total bonus of +5 start off with a single occult item.

Starting Items

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